Your series production comes from our series production

We always want to offer our customers the best possible product and to prepare our moulds and dies to be as good as possible. In order to be able to track their use in the production line of the customer, we have a full-scale production press from PME in one of our halls. In this way we can test our dies under production conditions with a press force of 4,000kN. The setting up should be as short as possible at the customer so that he can quickly and reliably start production using dies from Fischer.

Supplier at Tier 2 level

But what if not even that time is available? For example, today cars are very complex products that are produced in highly efficient production systems with tight timing. No part can be allowed to be missing when starting the production of new models of cars and the supply of parts is quickly exhausted when changing a die. Once again, our production environment has a chance to show its strengths. Since we have already installed your new die, the production of parts is not a problem either. We supply you with the required part in production runs of up to several thousand items.