Thirty machines working flat out for your die or mould

We install more than 2,000 individual parts into our moulds and dies. That is not an easy task. However, we can produce practically all these components ourselves with our own machine fleet. The CAD data that was produced by the designers is used directly for the control of our CNC milling and eroding machines. This makes any conversion steps superfluous and eliminates right from the start any interface and conversion problems. A total of five workstations are available to our programmers for this: Two NX system for the preparation of the data for the 3D milling and three Mecanic systems for the programming of the wire and vertical eroding machines and the CNC milling machines. This permits the precise five-axis machining of workpieces up to a size of 2500 x 920 x 820mm.

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Denny Friedemann
Head of Production
Denny Friedemann

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